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To  our  Sindhi dears

         A change is the rule of this  world and it is applicable to all. This change can be seen in a language also. Today a person is running after world of new and modern atmosphere which has affected  the language and it has been noticed  that about six thousand languages are at the verge of  loosing their existence. The reason behind this change is very heavy use of English language. It seems that the English language has been like mother-tongue of the world. The adoption of this change is a right step for a person ,but at the same time a person has to be careful for his/her mother-tongue, which should not be forgotten . If  a mother-tongue is forgotten , the community will be forgotten and then the existence of community will definitely be disappeared. Our Sindhi community is running towards this track, which will  be proved heavy damage for our community soon, and therefore we have to be very careful to our mother-tongue. So wherever we meet at any spot we must  talk   in our mother-tongue Sindhi with each other , and we should write our mother-language by any way. In the subject of script for reading or writing we generally use Arabic or Devnagiri script in India.

     Though the Sindhi-Roman (English-script) is used already also in  some parts of the world, but We have created a Sindhi-Roman Script thru. this web site (for learning script to join Sindhis globally) named sindhisagar.com (A literary and cultural Sindhi-Roman magazine) in which complete script can be read or written easily. It is so easy and simple to write even for a child that no teacher is required. The learner has to take care for few letters by adding  two or one Caret (^) sign  upon a particular letter with shift key No 6 on key-board. The chart of complete alphabet and vowels etc are shown here for learning.

     Now it is a holly duty of we Sindhi followers of our God Sai  Jhulelal and heirs of  the heritage The Mohan-jo-daro to make stable our Caste, Civilisation, Culture, Language and  Tongue.
     Thanks.                                                                                               Ghanshyam sagar


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     Pahinjan piyaaran sindhiyun d^aahn,

Pyaaran Sindhyun d^aanhn          

Pareevartan sansaar jo nem aahe ain ihaa g^aalih sabh saan laag^oo aahe. hee_u pareevartan aj^^u  b^olee_a mien pin^  d^isje tho.  aj^^u  jo maan^hoo  naen maahol vaaree dunyaa je puth^yaan  d^^orhee rahiyo aahe. jahin b^olyun te gahiro asar kayo aahe, ain iho pin^ d^th^o  vayo aahe  ta lag^-bhag^ 6 hazaar  b^olyoon pahinjo vijood vi^aain^ je kagaar te pahucheei rahiyoon aahin. injo sababu aahe  angrezee b^olee_a  jo ghan^e mien ghan^o upyog, ai ien piyo lag^e  j^an^u English b^olee duniyaa jee maatr-bhaashaa thee payee aahe , ahirhe pareevartan khe saveekaar karan^  ko bi galat qadam naahe, par saag^e  vaqt  pahinjee maatr-bhaashaa khe visaarin^o naahe. Jekad^ahn  maatr-bhaashaa khe  visaarbo ta jaatee_a  jo naamo-nishaan na rahando, jad^ahn jatee visaaree vendee ta yakeenan unajo vijood ee gum thee  vendo. aj^^u  asaanjee jaatee ina ee raah tarf vanj^ee  rahee aahe ,jekaa g^aalh asaan jee Sindhee jaatee_a  je laai vad^ee  nuksaankaar saabit theendee, inakare asaan khe pahinjee jeejal-b^olee_a d^aanhn sujaag^  rahin^o  pavando. ina laai aseen jite bi paan^ mien gad^joon ute sindhi_a  mien g^aalaahyoon. Lipee_a je mutaalik aseen Bhaarat mien Arbi yaa Devnaagri_a jo upyog kandaa aahyoon.  jeton^eek Sindhi-Roman (English-lipee) duniyaa mien pin^  ketran handh kam aandee vaj^e  thee, jekaa kanhin hada taaeen th^eek aahe, para asaan inakhe mukamal karan^a  jee koshish kande hika naeen site duniyaan bhar  je sabhnee Sindhiyun khe hika ee karhee_a  mien jorhin^a  je maksad khaan, b^olee sikhan^a laai sindhisagar.com naale ( Sindhi-Roman- saahitik ain sabhyatik  maigezan ) tayaar kaee aahe ,jekaa  tamaam saule  namoone parhee-likhee saghje thee.hina lipee_a  khe sikhan^a  laai  kin akharan ain vovilan khe dhiyaan mien rakhn^o  aahe. kin khaas akharan je mathaan Caret (^) nishaanee (key-board te shift kee nambar 6, yaane  ( ^ ) lag^aain^ee  aahe. hina lipee-a  jo tafseelvaar  chaart vagerah hite d^inal aahe.

 Jhulelaal saanee_a  jaa pooj^^aree ain Mohan-je-darhe jee meeraas jaa vaarisa asaan sindhiyun jo haan^e  iho paveetar farz aahe ta pahinjee Jaatee_a,  B^olee_a,  Sanskritee_a,  Sabhiyataa ain Bhaashaa khe qaaim daaim rakhoon.                                                                               –Ghanshyaam saagar

---:  REQUEST  :---we should make up our mind to protect our tongue/language, and by feeling this holly duty we have to spare a little time for our mother-tongue, therefore, please spread strongly communicate this Sindhi- Roman script through relatives-friends circles by Letters or SMS . Thanks ---   Ghanshyam Sagar

--- : Ariz :-- asaankhe pahinjee Sindhi b^olee_a khe mazboot karan^a vaare paveetar farza khe dhiyaa mein rakhee  kujh Time kadhn^o aahe, una laai , inakare mahirbaane kare pahinjan mitan maaitan dostan yaaran mien likha-parhah torhe Mobile maan SMS raste hina lipee-a jo dil-va-jaan saan  upyog ain  fahilaau karyo.  mahirbaanee.--- Ghanshyaam Saagar                    

              Alphabetic Chart for Sindhi-Roman Script





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